Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Your account will be charged upon signing up and then every fifth of every other month.

Aren't hair accessories just for kids?

Wearing hair accessories is definitely for everybody!  There are hair accessories that are for kids and other ones that are more appropriate for ladies to wear.  We made searching for which ones is right for you easier by customizing our boxes either for kids or for ladies.

What's in the BOOOXXXX?!

It will be a surprise of course!  BUT expect quality hair accessories from global designers and hair accessories companies that will inspire you to wear them and make them part of your everyday look for a prettier you.  The total retail price of the items inside your box may be equal to or higher than the price you pay for.

What values am I getting from my box?

Discover. Discover global hair accessories designers.

Enjoy. Enjoy the feeling of opening a gift of pretty hair accessories that you can show off.  Instant happiness.  Instant confidence.  Stand out in the crowd effortlessly!

Save. The total retail price of the items inside your box may be equal to or higher than the price of the box.  However, if you are to purchase them individually, shipping fees apply to each of the items.

Why should I wear hair accessories?

You should wear hair accessories for the experience.  Wearing hair accessories make your look 'pop' - more noticeable, more complete/unifying.  Coupled with confidence, you will experience walking - anywhere and any situation - with a spring in your step.  And, of course, no more bad hair days!  Wear a headband, and voila, your hair is not only done - it is prettier!

Why is Prettify Box supporting the efforts of Headbands of Hope?

We have been looking for ways to give back to our community - from volunteering at food bank, at halfway houses or at beach clean up.  With the birth of Prettify Box, we found another way to give back - thru supporting a hair accessories company, Headbands of Hope, with their efforts in promoting positive self-identity among children who has cancer.  For every box that we sell, a hair accessory is donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  By the end of February 2017, our donation count will be at least 25 hair accessories!

Are you open to supporting other causes?

Of course, we are open to suggestions! Send us your suggestion/s on a designer or hair accessories company who are passionate supporting a cause and we can reach out to them for a possible collaboration.

Can I return my box?

Prettify Box, global designers and hair accessories company work hard to make sure that you will like each hair accessories included in your box.  Most of our items are handmade with love from designers and companies all over the world and, as such, we cannot accept returns at this time.  However, please send us a note on what you didn't like in your box so we may take in to consideration your concerns in selecting our pieces for future boxes.

Do you have reviews on your boxes?

Yes, yes we do!  Check them out here:

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